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Beautiful Clothing Deserves Beautiful Hangers

From famous fashion showrooms to large retailers, choosing the right hanger can make all the difference in the preservation, merchandising and even the sale of fine garments.

At first glance many hangers look the same. Wood is wood and plastic is plastic right? Not really. As there are different types of fabrics, there are different types of hangers that match particular needs.

Here are some useful tips:

Feel: Ever notice how some hangers feel smoother than others? That’s because quality garment hangers are hand polished to ensure there are no nicks and remain smooth to the touch. Especially with fine, thinner fabrics, a single nick can do irreparable damage to a blouse, a sweater or a delicate jacket.

Finish: Depending on your merchandising plan, hangers can be finished in a variety of ways including matte, gloss, or satin-like finishes. For even more customized solutions, colorations, and tactile applications allow for customized presentations a store can call their own.

Fabric Considerations: Fabrics react differently to gravity over time. A bulky sweater or leather jacket needs a broad shoulder hanger that adequately supports the weight, whereas a sweater with appliques needs a soft shoulder or foam attachment to help prevent puckering. Similarly, a fabric like silk may need hanger accessories like “Sta-ons” or Gripeaze that prevents garments from slipping to the floor.

Size: Picking the right width can be daunting at times. Here are some helpful rules of thumb:

  • 17″ is a great unisex hanger size
  • 15″ is ideally suited for small women’s clothes
  • 16″ is a mainstay for ladies
  • 18″ has proven perfect for men’s garments
  • 19″ – 20″ is needed for big & tall or very broad men’s clothing

The Skinny On The Skinny: In both wood and velvet styles, skinny hangers can be great space savers but can affect shape over time.

Accessories & Non-Slip Features: Quality hanger products include a variety of hanger accessories and construction features that keeps garments looking great such as fabric covered dowel bars, pant clips, drop bar attachments, and non-slip solutions.


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